Win equal opportunity to enter colleges

Table of Contents

1. Our "OPEN & NEUTRAL SURVEY" to find our community's view regarding a "race-neutral & merit-based college admission policy":

a. To view our Survey:

b. Survey Methodology

This is a NEUTRAL and OPEN survey for the following reasons.

i) It is NEUTRAL because every participant of our survey is given a chance
to choose FOR or AGAINST without any further persuasion from 80-20,
although 80-20 makes its own position clear. In addition, identical
"thank you" letters were sent to those choosing FOR or AGAINST, urging
them to get more Asian Ams to take this important survey.

A typical "thank you" letter can be seen by clicking here.

ii) It is an OPEN survey, because survey participants are NOT limited
to 80-20 members or those who are our email lists. Our "thank you"
letter, shown above, urges every survey participant to invite their
friends, whether members or not, to come take the survey. (Note:
80-20 has only 3,800 members)

iii) When the 50,000 Asian Am participants is projected to the scale
of the national population, it is a survey of ONE MILLION persons, since
Asian Ams are only 1/20th of our nation's population. How many
American organizations can get ONE MILLION citizens to participate
in its survey within a period of about 1 month?

c. Survey Results:

o Total number of valid surveys: 50,227
o FOR/AGAINST ratio of all survey participants: 48.6 to 1

o Valid surveys taken by Asian Ams (self-identified): 47,108
o FOR/AGAINST ratio of Asian Am. survey takers: 52.4 to 1.

o Valid surveys taken by non-Asian Ams (self-identified): 3,119
o FOR/AGAINST ratio of non-Asian Am. survey participants: 23.0 to 1

d. Names of those who took the survey. We salute them. Hence this list of 50,000+ names, sorted by last and first names, are on permanent display on this site.

Last names starting from A to G

Last names from H to L

Last names from M to W

Last names from X to Z

2. 80-20 EF's filling of an amicus brief before the Supreme Court:

a. Our e-newsletters preparing the battle ground:

i) The Importance of Fighting the College Admission Battle (1 of a 3-article series)

ii) College Admission Battle. (2nd of 3 articles)

iii) Call To Action (3rd of 3 on College battle)

iv) BATTLES have begun

b. Asian American co-filers:

i) National Federation of Indian American Associations (NFIA)

ii) The Indian American Forum For Political Education (IAFPE)

iii) Global Organization of People of Indian Origin

c. Press Conference at the National Press Club on May 30: Click for the Press Package.

3. Our Amicus Brief (filed jointly with the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights) before the Supreme Court: click for a PDF of the Amicus Brief
It's translated into Chinese and Korean, click on the language to open the PDF

4. Our e-newsletters preparing the grounds for a favorable ruling by the Supreme Court:

1. Affirmative Action good for Asian Ams???

2. Another Sad Story - I'll vouch for its truth

3. Proof: YOU made a difference for your children

4. America listening! Some AsAm orgs are NOT!

5. 80-20 making a difference for YOU & USA

6. More media attention on YOUR legal brief

7. "Race-conscious" admission is ANTI-Affirmative Action

8. Money Talks. Donate or "Be 2nd Class Citizens"!

9. 4 Reasons 80-20 EF Is Against Race-conscious Admission

10. More Good News for AsAm. College-bounds

For more e-newsletters, please visit our blog

See our posterboard for reader support and comments

5. Press Attention to 80-20 EF's Amicus Brief in "Fisher v. Univ. of Texas":

Bloomberg, 2/02/2012 - Harvard Targeted in U.S. Asian-American Discrimination Probe

Diverse Education, 4/26/2012 - The Great Race Debate

Pr Newswire, 5/29/2012 - Press Release: Supreme Court Fight Against Discrimination: 80-20 Files Amicus Brief In Support of the Petitioner in "Fisher v. Univ. of Texas"

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Thomson Reuters, 7/18/2012 - A 40 minute interview by Terry Baynes of the Thomson Reuters on July 18, 2012.

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Asahi Shimbun, 9/18/2012 - A long interview by Takashi Oshima of Japan's largest newspaper, The Asahi Shimbun. The article is in Japanese.

The New York Times, 11/1/2012 - Asian-Americans in the Argument

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Los Angeles Times: Video, Asian Americans Weigh in on Affirmative Action

AsAm News, 6/25/2013 - 80-20: “We Are Better Off Today Than a Year Ago Following Scotus Ruling on University Admissions”

80-20 PRESS RELEASE, 6/27/2013 - Asian American Community Reacts to Supreme Court's Decision in "Fisher v. Univ. of Texas"

Xin Shi Jie Times, Washington D.C., 6/28/2013 - 大学招生的“平权法案”应当重新审视

India Abroad, 7/05/2013 - Both sides claim victory in race and admissions case

6. More References:

The Chronicle of Higher Education, 5/29/2012 - Overturning or Modifying 'Grutter v. Bollinger'?

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